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Dagwood’s Pizza is a very casual full service restaurant. We serve some of the best pizza this side of New York City, but that’s not all we serve. Dagwood’s also offers calzones, homemade pastas, sandwiches, black Angus burgers, salads and wings. Our comfortable and laid back dining room offers pictures and nostalgia for many of our customers and friends that have called Dagwood’s their favorite place for the last 20+ years. If you prefer to stay on your own coach, we can deliver to you. We also cater. Many local businesses frequently use our catering services on a regular basis.

Dagwood’s was founded in 1982 by Myles Mittleman, Terry Simpson, Mitch Alderman and Ricky Alderman. These former members of a rock band needed a day job so they opened up a pizza place. It soon became a local hang out place for the area. After the band broke up Jay Blasimgame bought out three of the guys. Myles and Jay laid the foundation of what Dagwood’s is today.

After a tragic accident, Myles was unable to work. He sold his shares of Dagwood’s to one of his young managers, Steve Lembo in 1992. In 1995, Steve purchased the remaining ownership in Dagwood’s. In 1995, Chris Hughes purchased 25% ownership from Steve. Both Steve and Chris have been active in Dag’s Franchise Group, Inc. since inception.

Over the past two decades, Dagwood’s has won awards from reader’s choice contests in local papers. We have had famous celebrities, sports stars, and just your average guy; call Dagwood’s their place for over 20+ years. Since we have been here this long, we now see the second generation. We hear customers say all the time to their kids, “I came here when I was your age”. How often do you find a restaurant that has not changed that much in 20+ years?